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Small Business Planning and Consulting

Congratulations on being a small business entrepreneur! As a fellow business owner, I believe we are the backbone of what makes America thrive, but everyday we are faced with unique challenges and risks that we must navigate, mitigate, or outsource to grow.  At Cantrill Financial Group LLC (CFG) our firm is well positioned to be a resource and council for your company.  Here are examples of the types of services we could assist with the depending on the state of your company:

<strong>Start-Up Phase: <br/>&#8220;Take-off&#8221;</strong>

Start-Up Phase:

As a former special advisor with North Texas Enterprise Center. CFG has helped dozens of companies start up and plants roots in Frisco. Common discussion topics include:

  • Entity formation analysis. 

  • Banking, cash flow, and credit line considerations;

  • Accounting and operations;
  • Initial hiring and retention strategies.

<strong>Growth Phase: <br/>&#8220;Stand-out&#8221;</strong>

Growth Phase:

As a growing company, CFG will help you create, manage, and implement tools to retain talent, manage taxes, or navigate geopolitical risk.  Common tools include:

  • Design and manage an effective 401K, defined benefit, or profit sharing plan;
  • Comply with fiduciary responsibilities under 404©, or testing rules and 5500 requirements;
  • Retain top talent through creative incentive and bonus structures;
  • On call council that keeps you aware of meaningful tax reform and proactively discusses options for positive change.
<strong>Exit Phase: <br/>&#8220;Leave on Your Terms&#8221;</strong>

Exit Phase:
“Leave on Your Terms”

CFG helps business owners design a flexible exit plan that maximizes value for the owner and the timing of the implementation process. This could include:

  • Implementing an effective buy-sell agreement among business partners;
  • Designing a legal structure to minimize tax upon a sale to family;
  • Creating a transition plan that facilities the promotion of a key employee to future owner;
  • Or taking steps to list the company for sale and maximize sales price to the company.

<strong>CFG stands ready to serve you in your small business planning needs.</strong>

CFG stands ready to serve you in your small business planning needs.

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