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Holistic Planning

Holistic planning refers to the process of crafting a customized financial roadmap that clarifies a path to reach goals, pursue passions, or optimize decisions involving finance, health, family, or legacies. While it's impossible to reduce it to a one-size-fits-all formula, developing a holistic plan typically involves four distinct steps:

<strong>Phase 1: Financial Discovery</strong>

Phase 1: Financial Discovery

In the financial discovery phase we conduct a detailed audit of your entire financial picture.  Goals and objectives are discussed and then we examine your current strategy to determine if planning gaps exist.

<strong>Phase 2: Prioritization of Values and <br/>Strategic Planning</strong>

Phase 2: Prioritization of Values and
Strategic Planning

In the second phase of holistic planning we do a deeper dive into what constitutes your core values.  We then coordinate this with your current situation to develop a framework for effective strategic planning.

<strong>Phase 3: Strategic Resource Management</strong>

Phase 3: Strategic Resource Management

In the third phase, we finalize a strategic plan that optimizes the resources you have forecasts what’s to come and assigns a priority for effective execution of the strategy.

<strong>Phase 4: Implementation and Ongoing Monitoring</strong>

Phase 4: Implementation and Ongoing Monitoring

The final phase calls upon us to be a professional catalyst to implementing your plan.  Our team guides you every step of the way until the plan is completed.  As the dynamics of the plan change over time ongoing professional monitoring allows us to make anticipate adjustments to stay on course.

Everyone eventually becomes financially independent or financially dependent when they stop working. Ready to influence the outcome?

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