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Financial Planning Process

Being a holistic planning firm, each client’s plan is customized and tailored to their own unique set of values. The following flowchart outlines the meeting process and previews expectations for a client engagement. To learn more about our process, please request an initial consultation below.

Step 1: Initial Meeting and Consultation

In this phase we take the time to meet with you, learn about your planning objectives, goals, desires, and constraints. A financial overview of your current situation is noted and we answer specific questions about your current situation.  

At the meeting, we give a firm orientation folder and discuss how the financial planning process works and engagement expectations.

Step 2: Data Collection

Before the second meeting we collect accurate personal and financial records for review and establish a new client file.

New accounts are created that will assist in the implementation process.

Step 3: Discovery Meeting

This meeting is a deeper dive into developing your personal objectives and planning goals for the engagement. 

Relevant personal goals and objectives will then be prioritized in order of importance.

Current strategies will be evaluated to ensure desired alignment is being achieved.

Time is also spent questioning and affirming the recorded data from step two.

Step 4: Strategy Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to make sure your goals and values are in line with the available strategies and tools in the marketplace.  We do this by modeling the relevant data and then demonstrating the effect of several highlighted or recommended strategies. 

As the client you will be informed enough to make the final decision based upon our prior agreements, counsel, and modeling.

Step 5: Implementation

At this stage, we ensure that your selected strategies are appropriately implemented and coordinated with your existing advisors.  

The implementation process will be prioritized and we will be professionally persistent to ensure that your plan is acted upon.

Step 6: Monitoring and Review

Each financial plan and strategy will be monitored, updated, and reviewed for accuracy.  

The monitoring process includes a financial website, reports, face-to-face reviews and 


We also encourage calls to our firm directly for any unresolved questions.  We have a policy of returning these calls daily.

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